Be your own Boss, make 100% profit with this program. No commission to us. Passenger that uses this system will pay a minimum of $12.50, $1.50 Per miles. Monthly plan starts $50.00 and you make 100%, no commission to us for  the service that you provide to the passenger. 

Requirements are:

Must have a car. Must have proof of insurance. Must have proof of registration. Must buy a $50 monthly plan.

Passenger app, please install it in your phone. 

Driver app make 100% of profit, no commission.

These are the commission apps. 

This is for Rider

This is for the Driver 

Rider or service request using the Taximeter GPs rider app

  • To add money in the app, please register in the rider app and once you complete your registration, you can request a ride by willing to pay cash or credit directly to driver upon completion of your trip. But if you need to add  credit to your app, please send us an email to  or  and please do not add your credit card to those apps because the credit machine is not connected to us and driver won't see you to accept your request. Please follow the instructions above on how to add credit to your wallet. 
  • Once we receive your email, we will ask you how much do you want to add in your account, then we will send you another invoice where you can pay us for us to add credit to your account for you. Please don't try to add your credit to this system because it is not controlled by TextRider. If you wish to place an order without calling us, please register to  or and download our controlled app. Remember don't try to add your credit to the app, we won't be able to collect your payment for the Driver. And all Drivers or providers are required to obtain a account. Pease read our policy for better understanding. Thank you and enjoy our service to you. 

Driver or service accept using the Taximeter Gps Driver app:

  • In order to receive your payment for Rider that pay with Credit or wallet pay, Driver is required to have a square cash account below to receive your payment. And that payment will be paid every Wednesday or you can request to receive your payment with in two business days.  If you have any question, please contact at


  • Our mission to the community of Spartanburg, to our lovely state of South Carolina, to our country of the United States and even the world is to move people around, to bring jobs to you that you already know. This mission is simple, download our application today and tell us what can you do for your community. What type of service can you provide to your community, to the country or even the world. 
  • No matter what position do you know, we can help you to succeed to your venture. We are two consulting businesses that can help you to be what you want to be. Contact us to see if you are qualified to be part of partnership programs.
  • Partnership program is based on your budget, when we come to a conclusion, you buy a plan and wait for someone or User to request your service. What you need to be is just be online at that time. If you are unable to accept any service, just go offline. 


  • User and Partner will have different access to the application. Let's say that you are a User and you looking for a service that is available in our system. Once placed any order, a Partner that is online will accept or reject your request and visa versa.  If the partner accepted your request, you will see, your service provider is moving closer in the application, like your car is moving toward a drop off location. As User, you will provide payment immediately the Partner is on the way to you. You, as User, you will see that in the application. 

 Consulting types: 

  • Economy, Classic, Luxury, Business, Rickshaw, Limousine, Van, Buses,  Taxicab, Ride Share, Moped, Motorcycle, Tow truck, non emergency Ambulance, Junior medical staff,  Etc..
  • Doctors, Lawyers, Electrician, Handyman, Plummer, Babysitter, House Cleaner, Insurance Adjuster, Claim Adjuster, and much more. 

We have tones of Consulting businesses, if we don't mention here, you will probably see it in our application. If it is not there, we will do our best to put it in there. 

How it works:

  • Tell us what you can provide, and we will see if we can accommodate your services to your community. Any user that is looking for your service, just buy your service directly from you.  
  • As Partner, we are required you to buy a plan and that plan is based on your budget with a minimum that is based for your service. 

Chat with me if you have any question or concern on how to use the system. 

  • On today's day, is available  and ready to work. So our apps are active at this time, we will update you when and if there is anything that change. Now downlaod the application now and start working.  Thank you
  • Policy for Users and Drivers : Open the link and read our policy. This policy may change from time to time. Subscribe to our app for update. We can't wait to have you onboard. 
  • Management Promotion:   Posted on 04/29/ 2019 and will be expired on 7/02/2019.We want to take the opportunity to send you this note. We have seen Users ( passengers) are waiting for providers ( drivers) to accept services from USER but there is no one there to accept their request, Let's provide service to the community. We are offering you all one time opportunity to test the apps this week, we will reduce the company commission by 15%, that means more money in the Driver's pocket, Partners will receive 85% once Partners accept request offers by just filling out the policy of these apps. Once you fill out this form and press submit. The only thing you need to send to this promotion is posted below. The Policy will remain the same but you will see the difference. Providers will need to send copy of the driver's license, proof of insurance, proof of registration and you must register with Square cash app to receive and send payment to us. To pay your commission, Partner can look for the link that is bellow in this promotion. Reason for sending payment, sometimes we may send passengers that are willing to pay cash to you. Everyone will get paid On Wednesday. Go to google store and type Square Cash, a green app, with a Dollar sign will show, register with the same email and telephone that you register with us.
    Any question or concern, please send us an email. We will do our best to reply to your request.
    Fill our the policy form now
    Drivers approval form
    Pay your 25% commission for cash customers

Users and Drivers, TextRider of Spartanburg South Carolina welcomes you. Convenient and cheap  for Users and profitable for Drivers. 

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